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Sustainable : Made from Renewable or Recycled Materials

Cruelty Free, Sustainable and Renewable

Because we are Vegan ECO-ISTS!


True To Nature. Compassionate.

We are ECO-ISTS. Vegans with a huge love and respect for animals and that also feel responsible for the environment. This is why we bring you cruelty free AND sustainable fashion and accessories. Made with 100% natural, recycled or up-cycled materials. Vegan AF.

Bringing you cruelty free fashion accessories  to compliment your vegan fashion style and great taste!

ECO-ISTS is 100% Vegan and approved by PETA .

Always offering the best in vegan fashion accessories that are handmade from natural materials.

Sustainable Fashion from Renewable materials that range from Portuguese Cork to Bamboo to Fine Wood, and from Washable Kraft Paper to Vegan Waxed Canvas, Banana Fabrics and Hemp.

All our t-shirts tank tops and hoodies are not only available in cotton, we also have them in Thread, made from recycled PET bottles.

Wear our gorgeous fashion accessories in the knowledge that no animals were hurt in the creation of ECO-ISTS products.

ECO-ISTS is Vegan AF owned and managed.


True To Nature. Compassionate.

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I was happily surprised when I received my beautiful ECO-ISTS Bobo-Bird Bamboo Wood sunglasses . They came in a beautiful little wooden box, the entire presentation was pleasing to the eye, literally. You hardly feel the sunglasses on your face they are so light. Wonderful. Will buy again.

Yadira Sanchez

I ordered a small Portuguese Cork shoulder bag and am in love with it. It is very light weight, and it looks amazing with any of my outfits. I bought the beige one that has like a panther design stripe in the centre. Its a neutral color, and a fashion statement which also says I like products made of natural renewable materials.

Sandy Andersson

Boy I really like my Watch. It has a cork band, and I like that as I am Vegan and don't use leather in any way. I really hope more people will start realizing that you can wear gorgeous fashion items without killing animals or the planet. I am a serial Eco-ist now as I have just ordered one of the natural cork wallets! 

Wendy from Austin, TX

Perfect By Nature


Cork: a sustainable Vegan Material

A few millions of cork oaks in the Mediterranean basin support a unique and fragile ecology which constitutes a habitat for rare and endangered species. It's not just the over two hundred animal species that find ideal conditions for survival in the cork oak forest - per each thousand square meters, there are 135 plant species, many of which are medicinal, aromatic or used in cooking.

Cork oak forests protect against erosion and resulting desertification and are a natural barrier against fire, due to the weak combustion of cork, which acts as an outer layer of skin on the cork oak. The roots retain rainwater, forming vital watersheds and absorb nutrients from the depths of the earth, which are later returned to the soil through the leaves, which become a natural fertilizer.

Peeling the bark from the cork oak is done every 9 years, and there are approximately 12 to 14 harvests in the life of a cork oak, after which it's no longer suitable for production of high quality cork. After the maximum number of harvests, the cork oak get's to retire.


Bamboo: the fastest growing grass

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on earth. Whilst growing, it provides oxygen to the world, and makes a home for many different birds species. Some bamboos grow 91 cm in a period of 48 hours, which is a totally amazing but true fact. Bamboo is a great preventer for soil erosion and draught, and is used to plant around creeks and rivers to prevent the sun from drying out the driver beds. Bamboo is used as a food source before its 3 months of age for the sprouts, and well known in Asian cuisine. After 6 months of age, bamboo can be used to split and weave baskets, and mats to sleep on. At 2 to 3 years bamboo is usable for bamboo boards or laminations and finally after 3 to 6 for construction and bridges. After that time, the bamboo gradually looses strength, and turns back to earth as a natural fertilizer or it's being used for making fires. In more recent years the beauty of Bamboo has been used in the making of many arts and crafts, such as in the making of Bamboo wood to use for frames for glasses and sunglasses, all kinds of household utensils and jewellery. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable renewable materials in existence due to its fast growing time.



Wood: nature's gift to men

Wood in recent years can be seen used in many fashion products such as our watches. We only buy wooden products that have been sourced from sustainably managed forests, where only certain trees get converted into products, while in their place new seedlings are planted. We at ECO-ISTS are proud to wear our own products on our wrists; wood just like bamboo is a renewable product and absorbs carbon, by which it helps us breathe. Wood on your wrist in the form of a watch is currently one of the hottest fashion items, which shows you are an ECO-IST!

Our eco fashion watches combine style good taste and responsibility. 


We offer amazing quality and undeniable style: fabulous accesories out of natural materials or from repurposed and up cycled materials.