Handmade Cork Jewellery : the Best Vegan Accessories

If you are an ecologically aware and savvy kind of person and you like to wear cruelty free jewellery made from renewable and sustainable materials that shows what your convictions are, we at ECO-ISTS might have just the right jewellery for you!

Did you know that all of our jewellery is made from sustainable and renewable materials?

The ECO-ISTS jewellery collection is all handmade from one of the most sustainable and renewable  materials available at this moment: cork.

Yes, Cork!

Cork has been known for quite a while now as the " The New Leather", "Cruelty Free Leather" and" the most sustainable alternative to Leather".

The look and feel of our Cork products is just like leather, with a huge advantage: no animals were harmed (nor farmed)  in the making of our products!

Did you know that cork oaks are being cherished for as long as 300 years!

During the life cycle of the cork oak, a harvest of the bark takes place only every 9 years, after which the tree is left in peace to re-grow it's precious bark for another 9 years.

Cork trees are also the natural habitat for many birds and other animals and insects. Cork trees don't get felled until they take their last breath, so to speak!  

The people that have worked in the cork industry for many generations have learned to respect and understand the greatness of this tree since their livelihood depends on these cork trees they will do their utmost to safeguard the trees and the environment that they grow and exist in.

Other leather alternatives such as "Pleather" and "PU" are derived from processing petro chemicals, the base of almost everything : from plastic grocery bags to PVC to nylon stockings, plastic water and beverage bottles and so on. 

And as we all know, anything made from non-renewable components  should be avoided, if possible.

So, for all you ECO-ISTS and ECO-AWARE people out there; we sourced this line of jewellery for you to enjoy.

We offer many different varieties and styles in order to accommodate your tastes and styles.

All our cork jewellery is handmade in Portugal and the materials are sourced sustainably from Portuguese Cork Oaks in the same area where the jewellery is being made. 

And by the way: we can make jewellery according to your personal needs and ideas as well.. so if you have a special order, please just let us know and send us your designs. We will be stoked to follow your leads and create beautiful jewellery according to your personal style and taste.




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