About us - Mission statement

ECO-ISTS is a vegan brand which means that we are absolutely against the use of animal derived products and bi-products.

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

We offer alternative solutions that can help make a positive change towards sustainability and that guarantee the respectful treatment of ALL creatures and of the environment.

When talking about sustainability we all agree that real sustainability only begins when we start using environmentally friendly raw, renewable materials that were produced and harvested in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable production includes the ethical treatment of the people involved in these industries, and excluding the use and abuse of animals in any way while avoiding the contamination of the environment.

Leather is one of the most un-ethical and un-sustainable materials currently being produced.

Leather production causes many health hazards, not to speak of the cruelty and un-ethics involved in its production.

Did you know that per year more than a billion animals are being slaughtered to satisfy our “need” for leather and leather products?

Additionally, raising the animals whose skin eventually becomes leather requires vast quantities of water and wide tracts of pastureland, which must be cleared of trees.

Runoff from feed lots and dairy farms also creates a major source of water pollution.

Huge amounts of fossil fuels are consumed in livestock production as well; by contrast, plastic wearables account for only a fraction of the petroleum used in the U.S.

While a step in the right direction, we feel that using petroleum based products is not the answer either.
Petroleum is after all a non-renewable material which is produced unsustainably and has been a mayor cause for wars over many years and still is.

We are opposed to depleting our earth any longer. We all need to start using our economic power and STOP purchasing both leather and PU and start using alternatives.

The production of leather hurts animals, the environment, and the workers who manufacture it.

The only ones who benefit are people who profit from the misery and suffering of others.

Although some leather makers deceptively tout their products as “eco-friendly,” turning skin into leather also requires massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, including mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and finishes, some of them cyanide-based.

Most leather produced in the U.S. is chrome-tanned; all wastes containing chromium are considered hazardous by the EPA.

Tannery effluent contains large amounts of pollutants, such as salt, lime sludge, sulphides, and acids.
The process of tanning stabilises the collagen or protein fibres in skins so that they actually stop biodegrading—otherwise the leather would rot right off your feet.

People who work in and live near tanneries suffer too.

Many die from cancer possibly caused by exposure to toxic chemicals used to process and dye the leather. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that the incidence of leucemia among residents in an area near one tannery in Kentucky was five times the U.S. average.

Arsenic, a common tannery chemical, has long been associated with lung cancer in workers who are exposed to it on a regular basis. Studies of leather-tannery workers in Sweden and Italy found cancer risks “between 20% and 50% above [those] expected.”

Cutting a long story short: not only do over a billion innocent living creatures every year have to die a horrible and premature death in the meat, dairy and leather industries: human beings and the environment at large also suffer during the production process.

ECO-ISTS as a young vegan fashion brand is very much opposed to the use of animal leather for all the above mentioned reasons.

ECO-ISTS believes that the time has come to show the world that alternatives to animal leather and to the leather industry DO exist and that we have to start taking responsibility for our planet which includes respecting our fellow beings, human and animal alike.

With a lower demand for leather in the world, less and less animals will be murdered, the environment will improve and we will “start to stop” depleting the natural resources of the earth and its inhabitants for profit.

ECO-ISTS’ vegan and PETA approved collection of fashion accessories offers several sustainable and beautiful alternatives to leather that a have been produced, sourced and manufactured under humane conditions.

We are currently working on a new line of Designed by ECO-ISTS hand - and shoulder bags as well as wallets which will be entirely made from Mushroom, Pineapple and Banana Leather.

The name of this line of products is PLANT-ASTIC.

For interior lining of our bags and wallets we will be using sustainable new fabrics made from Banana, Hemp, Bamboo or Lyocell, or recycled materials from soda bottles or used textiles.

For more information about the sustainability in the production of these textiles, plus an overview in their similarities and their differences, click here (link)

But you don't have to wait until Xmas of 2017 for our PLANT-ASTIC line to hit the shelves!

One of our currently already available (add link) and popular vegan accessory lines is entirely made from Cork!

Cork is a beautiful, soft and flexible material for which no animal or human had to be harmed. It’s made from the bark of the Portuguese Cork Oak that by law may only be harvested once every 9 years in a sustainable fashion.

Read more about Cork and the way it's harvested HERE and on this website.

The ECO-ISTS web store boasts many delightful vegan fashion accessories and jewellery made from cork that is now readily available. Handmade in Portugal. Sustainable. Un-Cruel. 

We are proud to be ECO-ISTS!