Animal Rights Organisations




Without going into the sometimes petty discussions that you can find raging among the Animal Rights Groups and Advocates  I have included links to the websites of some of the most prevalent Animal Right Groups and Animal Advocates.

All these groups are organisations that have been fighting for animal rights and have made a lot of difference, won battles and are on the frontline day after day. Kudos to all of them, as this is strenuous - all voluntary - work done for love of the animals and coming from a belief that animals are persons and should have animal rights  that should be respected in the same way human rights should be respected.

All of these groups are vegans, and see veganism as the moral baseline for activism. Some groups are more pragmatic than others, and see activism, not veganism as the baseline.

Since I am a pragmatic person and more of a do-er than a talker I have opened  a chapter of DxE for Panama in the past week and our activism in Central America will be getting its kickoff in the beautiful country of Panama where I spend most of my time.

Our activism will be posted on these pages.  

Even if its not enough to be vegan for many people (and I am one of them) this doesn't mean that all vegans follow the same path. Many vegans don't have the possibility to travel to help wth activism, are still busy raising families and working or are just not ready for open activism. Thats cool. We all do what we can. I just hope everybody keeps revising that sometimes and stretches themselves as far as possible to the limit of their capabilities. The animals really really need all of us. Lets all do what we can! Until all the animals are Free!


The Animal Liberation Movement (ALM) consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to certain guidelines (click here). The ALM evolved from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which in turn grew out of the hunt saboteur movement in England in the 1970s.

Philosophy of the Animal Liberation Movement


More about A.L.F and A.L.M. read it here. Since Hunt Saboteurs is a part of A.L.M. I am not mentioning them separately as they are an integral part of each other.

You go A.L.F! My eternal support and solidarity!

The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 by Donald Watson. Read on here 

The Vegan Society has given us the definition of what the word "vegan" stands for and what we live by. So very important. Their good work continues.



Founded in November 1993, by Angela Roberts and Lynn Williamson, and based in Sheffield, England, Uncaged campaigned against animal experiments and in particular against xenotransplantation (animal to human transplants). In 1994 we launched the global boycott of animal testing company Procter & Gamble. We campaigned for democratic action on animal issues through the political system. Fifty years after the Declaration of Human Rights was ratified Uncaged launched International Animal Rights Day in 1998 as a focus for our Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.

Read more on the important work Uncaged has done and is doing right now as we speak 



While I am not always happy with PETA's campaigns as they can be at times anti-femist and sexist, if any group has made noise for the animals and had a lot of effect on awareness for instance about the horrible life that Sea Mammals are in in in Water Abusement Parks such as Sea World. Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, has opened many people's eyes to the intolerable suffering of animals, and we should praise her and her organisation for this.

Read more about PETA here

Sea Shepard

I love and admire these guys and gals!

Its so easy to overlook the horrible plight of animals of the sea. First of all because they look nothing like us. Secondly because their horrible faith is invisible to us.

When we lay our eyes on a sea creature, its already dressed up as food and comes n plastic. Harder to connect than with land animals. But this has to change and this is what Sea Shepherd sees as one of its main goals. I couldn't agree more: fish have feelings, they bleed, and they die by the billions for the sake of the palates of humans. Sea Shepherd is also fighting for purpose, whales, sharks, octopuses- any sea animal can count on their love.

Please read all about his great organisation and donate when possible.


DxE is an amazing platform, extended into 37 countries and 177 cities.

This past week, December 8th 2017 we have established the Panamanian Chapter of DxE iSoon we are taking off with doing disruptions in places where the murder and abuse of animals is being celebrated. The focus of DxEis on non violent Direct Action, community building and open rescue. we will do open rescue and start building a community of animal rights activists for Panama and the other countries in Central America.

Please like our Facebook page :

Direct Action Everywhere Panama


DxE’s organizers around the world build empowered networks for animal liberation. Based on the most innovative scholarship on social change, and the recent successes of the animal rights movement in countries around the world, DxE’s model focuses on building the kindling for a true social movement to be set ablaze. We do this by: (1) supporting activists locally in speaking strongly for animals under our organizing principles; and (2) connecting those activists with others worldwide to create empowered networks for change.

Animal rights activists in over 170 cities and 34 countries have united under the banner "It's not Food. It's Violence" since our campaign started in October 2013.

More here


The Save Movement

Much more on this amazing organisation here

One of the most impactful and worth while forms of activisms you can undertake as an activist for animal rights-is to Bear Witness.

It means you wait for the animals that are almost reaching the slaughterhouses where they will be put to death because so many people in the world cant control their taste buds so to speak . You touch as they are sitting in crates on trucks, in filthy containers. You see the look in their eyes, and try to give them a moment  of love. Let them know they will be remembered and that we are fighting for them.  I have written this from my own experience working with The Save Movement Latin America and The Save Movement Panama

“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him.” – Leo Tolstoy


Mercy for Animals

Founded over a decade ago by Nathan Runkle, Mercy for Animals is a hue organisation with millions of followers who unite against the plight of farm animals all over the world.

Undercover investigation, legal advocacy, corporate outreach and education are 4 of the pillars on which MFA was founded and still stands today.

Read more about Mercy for Animals here



Animal Equality lists its Mission on their website as follows:

Mission: Animal Equality is an international organization working with society, governments and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals.

Our vision is a world in which all animals are respected and protected. well, we can agree to that on all points.

If you want to know more about Animal Equality and their iAnimal project please read here

The iAnimal Project uses virtual reality to show the horrors that happen all over the world in slaughterhouses. Its a very impactful way to open peoples eyes and minds.

Very cool is that Animal Equality also has branches in Spain and in Latin America. 



Anonymous For the Voiceless


Great activism by Anonymous for the Voiceless. I find the name a bit weird, as to me animals really DO have a voice, its just the humans who decide to ignore the animals. Just semantics I guess. This group does GREAT work!

Established in April 2016 Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organisation that specialises in Street activism. Over 1491 demonstrations in over 248 cities and having talked to over 50K people on the street and converting many of these to vegans, Anonymous employs direct action with the use of virtual reality, in order to show the general public what animals bred for food are going through every day. Equipping the audience with all info needed to begin a vegan lifestyle, holding an absulutionist approach as a baseline.

read more about Anonymous for the Voiceless here


Bite Back Holland/Belgium

A bit of National pride here. Bite Back is an organisation for animal liberation that started out in Belgium and has expanded into my country of birth Holland. Bite back is an absolutionist organisation and all members are vegan. My daughter Claire and I have had the pleasure to work with them during a very cold day last September (2017) when we were in The Hague in a silent protest formation against animal farming. Maybe you guys don't speak Dutch or French but here is the link to their website


Individual people and Amazing Animal Liberation Activists  I love and admire personally are:


James Aspey



James Aspey has gone from beating leukemia as a teen to being one of Australia’s leading vegan activists. Initially going vegetarian for a 7 day experiment, James then learnt about the health, ethical and environmental issues surrounding animal consumption, and has been vegan ever since. Grabbing global attention in 2015 after breaking a 365 day vow of silence with a powerful vegan message in a TV interview seen by millions, James has continued devoting himself to activism. In 2016 he was tattooed for 24 hours straight to raise money for 3 charities. He travels all around the world giving free speeches on animal rights and veganism. His speech has gone viral and been viewed over 6 million times. James also makes YouTube videos and encourages an educational, encouraging and inspiring approach to activism.

A couple of amazing videos starring James Aspey are:

This speech is your wake up call . See it on Youtube 



Earthling Ed



Earthling Ed is a British Animal Liberation Activist and has been making a huge impact on animal activism in the UK especially, as well as through his online presence and activism.

His online activism involves creating educational content including street interviews, where he focuses on talking to the public about the morality of eating animals in order to encourage positive discussion and debate. He also focuses a large amount of his time on helping transitioning vegans as well as coaching new activists from around the world. 

Ed is also the co-founder and co-director of Surge, a creative grassroots animal rights organisation that creates well-orchestrated demonstrations, outreach events, films and campaigns with a focus on positive community building. 

In 2016 his group started the annual Official Animal Rights March and in 2017 we released the documentary Land of Hope and Glory and launched The Big Vegan Activism Van.

Ed is also a Save Movement organiser.

He is currently travelling across the UK in the The Big Vegan Activism Van, doing full days of on-campus virtual reality outreach as well as giving speeches and screening Land of Hope and Glory to university students, whilst also supporting local activism and attending Save Movement vigils.

This guy ROCKS!


Joey Carbstrong



Joey Carbstrong is an Animal Liberation Activist from Australia, determined to help pave the way for a more compassionate, vegan future. Formerly part of a criminal gang and addicted to drugs such as meth and alcohol, he has made a remarkable u-turn and now proudly celebrates 4 years of sobriety.

Joey also describes how he could see the hypocrisy in claiming to care about animals whilst chowing down on a piece of steak; and what started as a means to lose weight, transpired into an ethical epiphany.

Nowadays Carbstrong spends his time focusing on animal liberation by way of encouraging others to consider veganism and opening their eyes to the abhorrent practices of meat production. His YouTube series ‘Joey Vs the Public‘ is a great example of how he does this, and despite the title, his approach is far from aggressive.

In fact, his manner is rather philanthropic. Joey simply engages with the general public on the ethics of eating animals; he is intuitive with his questions and gives educated answers. Combined with an enviable ability to ‘get on a level’ with people from all walks of life, it seemingly makes for some very effective activism.

Along with an incomprehensible death count, the drive for his pursuit comes from acknowledging the unnecessary suffering we cause to animals. “You can’t conceptualize the numbers..” he says, “we’re talking trillions”.


Genesis Butler



She is only 10 years old now, but Genesis Butler makes her voice get heared for the animals. Genesis is very much aware of the ethical NO that animal exploitation represents. She also understands very well what the impact of animal consumption and agriculture on the environment means.

Genesis explains how a simple choice in the food we eat can have a huge impact on the world and especially on the animals.

She has earned many awards already in her young life, including " Animal Hero Kids' Sir Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate award, Vegan Kid of the Year award from Vegans Are Cool, and PETA's Kid of the Year Award.

She is featured in Vegan: Everyday Stories, a documentary about the lives of everyday vegans and is starting her own non-profit foundation called Genesis for Animals where she will provide funding to people who rescue animals. 

While she is very busy with her activism, she still has time to do things all kids do. She loves playing football, singing, dancing, sewing, drawing, and spending time with her friends.


Gary Yourofsky



Gary Yourofsky is a name that will ring a bell with most vegans. This amazing animal rights activist comes form a Jewish family from Detroit, Michigan.

He is credited with singlehandedly turned more people vegan, and its been said that he turned (% of Israel Vegan after a speech he gave at Georgia Tech was translated in hebrew and dispersed on social Media. Being Jewish himself, he compared slaughterhouses to ‘concentration camps’ and compares the treatment of animals to the Holocaust.

His famous speech was recorded in the U.S. and is now the most-viewed in Israel’s history, and is thought to have been the cataylst for a large portion of Israel’s population to go vegan.

Gary Yourofsky is said to be responsible for increasing Israel’s vegan population from 5% to 13% which is an amazing achievement!

He also singlehandedly he turned thousands of people vegan all over the world.

Gary has been arrested 13 times, is banned from entering Britain (despite never having been convicted of a crime or visiting) and Canada and has spent time in a maximum security prison after raiding a fur farm.

Regretfully in March 2017, Gary announced his retirement from public life and activism, because as he said himself " His tanks were empty" which I can only imagine, after being dedicated to animal rights activism for 18 years non stop.

Thank you Gary for being a hero for the animals!

Here is a link to the famous Georgia tech speech, that when translated in Hebrew, added 8% vegans to the then Israeli vegan population

The best speech you will ever hear

There is a lot of his material available in many languages, please check out more his great work.  

In academica:

Gary Francione



The well know Gary Francione is of course instrumental in teaching many young minds about the rights and plights of animals in our society. This is an important role.

Gary L. Francione is Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University School of Law-Newark.

He received his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Rochester, where he was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa O’Hearn Scholarship that allowed him to pursue graduate study in philosophy in Great Britain. He received his M.A. in philosophy and his J.D. from the University of Virginia. He was Articles Editor of the Virginia Law Review.

One of the things about Gary Francine: he has charisma and knows his theory. He is intelligent and well spoken on the subject and has written several well received academic books on the subject of animal liberation.He is also a purist and a hater though, and won't approve of anything ANY other animal rights/liberation organisation does.

He has been bashing PETA, Mercy for Animals, DxE and most every other ARO. While at first I was a huge fan of him, I later came to see that his pointless criticising of anybody that doesn't follow HIS rules exactly is very counter productive to the Animal Liberation Movement.

According to Gary Francine if veganism isn't the moral base line - activists are barking up the wrong tree. In other words he is of the opinion we shall all be busy trying to politely convert people to vegans with the use of highly academic reasoning until the world and the animals don't exist any more. Because thats how long that would take.  

Dxe for instance says that Activism, not Veganism, stands at the base for Animal Liberation.. I agree because I am a pragmatist, not a theorist in academia.

For people that live in a highly academic realm, where pragmatism isn't an important issue, I think Gary Francione might have his merits. 


Disclaimer: I apologise on forehand to all the amazing faceless animal liberation activists that are  doing their utmost and putting themselves to risk in order to liberate all the animals of this world. I am sorry I cannot mention you all in person, as I know you all deserve to be mentioned for your efforts and outstanding work for the animals. 

A huge applause for all of you, and please lets keep going until we are done.