Anonymous for the Voiceless



Anonymous for the Voiceless is a great organisation and is very involved in doing street theatre activism.

Typically they will organise Cubes of Truth and while standing in a silent formation dressed all in  black the activists wearing Anonymous Masks will hold up laptops or tablets showing the horrors that are going on in slaughterhouses.

This group does GREAT work!

Established in April 2016 Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organisation that specialises in Street activism.
They have organised over 1491 demonstrations in over 248 cities and have talked to over 50K people on the streets while converting many of these to vegans.
Anonymous for the Voiceless employs Direct Action with the use of virtual reality, in order to show the general public what animals bred for food are going through every day.
Equipping the audience with all info needed to begin a vegan lifestyle, holding an absulutionist approach as a baseline.

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