Vegan Footwear, Hats, Sun hats and Caps


Vegan Footwear, Hats, Sun-hats and Caps

Per request of many f our customers we are sourcing Footwear, Hats, Caps, Sun hats and more cool Vegan Stuff. We are also working on designing our small vegan and eco fashion line, produced in house in Panama by the ladies of the Ngabe Bugle Indigenous people.

The entire line will be made out of Thread material ( the recycled plastic bottle material we also use for our T-shirts), and from Banana fabric, Hemp, Bamboo or combinations of these fabrics.

All fabrics are sourced by us, so we can make sure the workers in these industries get treated right as well. While of course always guaranteeing that our products are 100% Vegan, plus made from and with 100% vegan materials.

We will keep you in the loop on the launching date for our new clothing line, which is called Hummus Vegan Fashion.

See you guys soon!