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We have started a chapter of DxE for Panama and our activism here will hopefully also spread to other countries in Central America.

Our activism will be posted on these pages as well as on our Facebook Page.  

Even if its not enough to be vegan for many people (and I am one of them) this doesn't mean that all vegans follow the same path. Many vegans don't have the possibility to travel to help wth activism, are still busy raising families and working or are just not ready for open activism.  Yet in the background these great people are also helping to end the misery and the murder.

We all do what we can. I just hope everybody keeps revising that sometimes and stretches themselves as far as possible to the limit of their capabilities.

The animals really really need all of us.

Lets all do what we can! Until all the animals are Free!


DxE is an amazing platform, extended into 37 countries and 177 cities.

This past week, December 8th 2017 we have established the Panamanian Chapter of DxE iSoon we are taking off with doing disruptions in places where the murder and abuse of animals is being celebrated. The focus of DxE is on non violent Direct Action, community building and open rescue. We will do open rescue and start building a community of animal rights activists for Panama and the other countries in Central America.

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Direct Action Everywhere Panama

DxE’s organizers around the world build empowered networks for animal liberation.

Based on the most innovative scholarship on social change, and the recent successes of the animal rights movement in countries around the world, DxE’s model focuses on building the kindling for a true social movement to be set ablaze.

We do this by: (1) supporting activists locally in speaking strongly for animals under our organizing principles; and (2) connecting those activists with others worldwide to create empowered networks for change.

Animal rights activists in over 170 cities and 34 countries have united under the banner "It's not Food. It's Violence" since our campaign started in October 2013.

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