ECO-ISTS is owned by an animal rights activist!

I am working on getting the ECO-ISTS store off the ground, and while offering cool 100% vegan fashion and accessories I am trying to make enough money to be able to continue with the activism I am involved in for the animals.

Living in Panama as I do us vegans face a huge challenge when it comes to changing the perception of animals from being  "products" and "food" and "meat"- something nondescript on your diner plate, and make people understand that all animals are sentient beings and can feel fear, pain and loneliness same as their beloved dog or cat.

I think Central America is at least 50 years behind in terms of developing an understanding and acceptance of veganism as an ethical choice: a life style aimed at living peacefully while harming no other creatures. 

This makes me- and with me an ever growing group of vegans/rescuers/activists in this small country-  acutely aware of the need for disruption, outreach, and all other peaceful forms of Animal Rights Activism. 

Recently in Panama City we have started to organise Vigils with the Save Movement Latin America, and a new chapter of The Save Movement has been formed for Panama. Once a month I travel to Panama city on the bus (7 hours) to bear witness to the animals that are going to their death. And then back again of course. Its so worth it to bear witness, and make people aware of the outrageous suffering of our animals.

Visit The Save Movement Panama on Facebook.

Beside working with The Save Movement, I am currently busy with preparations to start a chapter of DxE for Central America as in-between the countries of Mexico and Columbia there is no DxE coverage. Central America needs activism.

In May 2018 I will be attending The Animal Liberation Conference, organised by DxE and The Save Movement where I will have the honor to meet Wayne Hsiung and attend a conference by Ingrid Newkirk from PETA as well as attend workshops to learn open rescue and much more. Very exciting. So looking forward to meeting the over 800 fellow activists that have already registered for this weeklong event.

A lot of work has to be done before I can become an official branch of DxE and this is taking up a lot of time and money at the moment.

Visit DxE here

Beside my activism, I also run a small grass roots rescue program for abused and abandoned dogs and cats - any other animal that's in deep trouble is also welcome. Meanwhile, 6 dogs and 6 cats (all rescued) are now permanent members of my messy household :)

Each last Sunday of the month we organise a neutering and spaying clinic for the local people in the expat town of Boquete where we also operate and heal  lots of feral cats that we have trapped the night before in rural areas. 

Visit Amigos de los Animales Boquete here. 

Its a small TNR program I started in my area where hundreds of feral cats are destined to have several litters per year, and where most of these furry babies die under horrible circumstances. Living in torrential rains and under a burning sun, in a place where people have no respect for their lives at all! We are working on changing this with a very dedicated group of rescuers and volunteers that I truly have come to admire and love.

Lastly we hold bi-weekly Adoption fairs in the city of David, where recently rescued- spayed and neutered animals- get a chance to be placed with a forever family if they all get lucky. 

Visit our groups of rescuers here. 

SOS Callejeras  

Angeles con Colita Panama


La Casa de los Animales

As you guys can see, we are very busy here.

All our activities cost us heaps and heaps of money: like my co workers and volunteers I personally sponsor several neutering and spaying operations, vaccinations and vet care, gasoline and transportation, dog and cat food, traps for feral cats, kennels, medicine and so on.

Hopefully soon my earnings with the ECO-ISTS web store will be able to finance a part or all of my AR activities. For now I am depending on kind donations from compassionate animal lovers such as yourself.

So, should you have a bit of loose change lying around, please consider sending it to my PayPal account. 

PayPal.Me/saskiavanderneut is where you can make your very welcome donations.  

Thank you so much in the name of the animals of Panama.