Sea Shepherd


I love and admire these guys and gals!

Its so easy to overlook the horrible plight of animals of the sea. First of all because they look nothing like us. Secondly because their horrible faith is invisible to us.

When we lay our eyes on a sea creature, its already dressed up as food and comes in plastic. Harder to connect than with land animals.

Science has proven over and over that even crustaceans are sentient beings, and fish and sea mammals can actually recognise each other and communicate in more ways humans can.

The plight and systematic murder of all sea creatures for greed has to end and this is what Sea Shepherd sees as one of its main goals.

I couldn't agree more: fish, sea mammals and crustaceans all have feelings, they bleed, and they die by the billions for the sake of the palates of humans.

Sea Shepherd is also fighting for purpoise, whales, sharks, octopuses- any sea animal can count on their love. 

Please read all about his great organisation and donate when possible.