The Save Movement



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One of the most impactful and worth while forms of activisms you can undertake as an activist for animal rights-is to bear witness.

The Save Movement is comprised of groups around the world who bear witness of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter.

The goals are to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals, to help people become vegan, and to build a mass-based, grassroots animal justice movement.

The Save Movement started in December 2010 with the inception of Toronto Pig Save. Today there are over 200 groups in Canada, the U.S., U.K. & Ireland, Australia, continental Europe, Hong Kong, and South America.

"You see the look in their eyes, and try to give them a moment  of love. Let them know they will be remembered and that we are fighting for them."  I have written this from my own experience working with The Save Movement Latin America and The Save Movement Panama

“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him.” – Leo Tolstoy