Men's T-Shirt " I don't eat my friends"

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Women ' s T-Shirt " I don't eat my friends"


T-shirt with a clear vegan message on it. Express your vegan self. 

Customise your order

- pick color, size, sex

- pick short or long sleeves

- pick material. We offer two different materials .

a.   Organic cotton blend

b.   Thread: this material is 50% cotton and 50% recycled soda bottles.

With each T-shirt in "Thread" material that you purchase through this website,  you not only express your vegan spirit and message, you also help recycle soda bottles, and create honest work opportunities for families in Honduras and Haiti.

Learn more about this wonderful project by our strategic partner THREAD

All our T Shirts are custom screen printed in Panama within 2 days after you order them, and then shipped to where you are.

SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE . We ship by registered mail This can take up to 35 days.

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