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Got Woodies? We do! The Latest Bow Tie Classic with a twist

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One size fits all Woodies

Zebrano, or Zebrawood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis), is a strong, stiff wood whose appearance is pretty well described by its own name. Its alternating white and dark brown striations make it one of the more unique wooden bowties in our exotic collection. A cream, white, yellow, or black knot strap works very well with Zebrano. We recommend Zebrano bow ties for your more formal events, like Greek formals, weddings, formal charity events, etc.

Notice: Every bow tie is hand cut and crafted from our carpenter’s personal selection of both native and exotic woods. We take pride in the fact that no two Timber wooden bow ties look the same. So your bow tie won’t look exactly like the ones you see in the photos here. Many of our ties have knots, holes, combinations of sapwood and heartwood, and minor blemishes. We see this as a good thing. When you order a Timber bow tie, no one else will have one like it, guaranteed. If you have a special request (visible knots or holes, sapwood tips, blemish free, etc.) let us know here, and for a small fee our carpenter will make you a bow tie that suits your needs.

Model Number: SL-WT-20
Ties Type: Bow Tie
Material : Zebra wood
Size: 12*4.8*0.45cm